Overcome subtle distraction

Attention is fairly stable but still alternates between the meditation object and subtle distractions in the background. You’re now ready to bring your faculty of attention to a whole new level where subtle distractions fall away completely. You will achieve exclusive attention to the meditation object, also called single- pointed attention.

To subdue subtle distractions and develop metacognitive introspective awareness.
The tendency for attention to alternate to the continuous stream of distracting thoughts and other mental objects in peripheral awareness.
Defining your scope of attention more precisely than before, and ignoring everything outside that scope until subtle distractions fade away. Developing a much more refined and selective awareness of the mind itself, called metacognitive introspective awareness. You will also use a method called “experiencing the whole body with the breath” to further subdue potential distractions.
Subtle distractions have almost entirely disappeared, and you have unwavering exclusive attention together with vivid mindfulness.