Overcome subtle dullness

You have overcome gross distractions and strong dullness, but there is a tendency to slip into stable subtle dullness. This makes the breath sensations less vivid and causes peripheral awareness to fade. Unrecognized, subtle dullness can lead you to overestimate your abilities and move on to the next Stage prematurely, which leads to concentration with dullness. You will experience only a shallow facsimile of the later Stages, and your practice will come to a dead end. To overcome subtle dullness, you must sharpen your faculties of attention and awareness.

To overcome subtle dullness and increase the power of mindfulness.
Subtle dullness is difficult to recognize, creates an illusion of stable attention, and is seductively pleasant.
Cultivating even stronger and more continuous introspective awareness to detect and correct for subtle dullness. Learning a new body- scanning technique to help you increase the power of your mindfulness.
You can sustain or even increase the power of your mindfulness during each meditation session.